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Due to the current increase in COVID 19 cases I am currently offering sessions online and via phone. As our relationship is such a strong foundation of our work together, I offer a 20min introductory call so that you can get a sense of whether you feel I am the right for you and your journey. It is important that you feel safe and in control of our work together.

Safe and Sound Protocol

One of the major impacts of trauma and adversity is difficulties with emotion regulation. These difficulties result from a tendency of the nervous system to more readily slip into a sympathetic state, also known as ‘flight or fight’, loosing its elasticity to move back to a calm regulated state. This might look like anxiety, especially social anxiety, feelings of overwhelm and shut down, anger, frustration and fear. People will often use substances or food or engage in self-harming or other risky behaviours in an attempt to self-regulate when this system isn’t working well.

The main nerve implicated in this process of regulation is the vagus nerve and it has been found that toning the vagus nerve allows the nervous system to more readily access a state of calm. Support in accessing this calm state can be extremely supportive to the process of trauma psychotherapy.

The safe and sounds protocol (SSP) is a five day protocol that uses auditory stimulation to strengthen the vagus nerve and allow the nervous system to access a calm regulated state. SSP is integrated into psychotherapy as is sends signals of safety to the brain and makes it much easier to integrate traumatic experiences. 80% of nervous system communication occurs from body to brain or bottom up, making this integrative approach more effective than top down, talking only approaches.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Rates

20 minute telephone consultation


Individual therapy session


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Safe and sound protocol

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Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment 24 hours notice is required or the full session price will be charged.